MIDIMouse is a mouse-controlled MIDI Controller.

Its main window is surrounded by four keyboards. As you position your mouse in the space in the center, press the left mouse button and drag, your sound card will entertain you by playing its onboard synthesizer.

The numbered buttons bring up the configuration dialog box for each keyboard.

With it, you can set the MIDI Channel, Octave, Patch Number, Volume, Pan, and Velocity. The Active button turns the keyboard on or off.

The Scale Menu allows you to select the type of musical scale MIDIMouse will follow. These range from Blues to Exotic Ethnic scales.

I stand on the shoulders of a giant on this program. Laurie Speigel wrote a similar (and much better) program years ago for the Macintosh called MusicMouse. She never ported it over to the WinTel platform, so I had to do a primitive version of it myself.

Click on the Download Link to get MIDIMouse. This is not a self-extracting Zip file, just the program. Save it where you will, just remember where you put it.

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