A Microsoft Agent -Based Poetry Generator!

He doesn't need to shave, bathe, or hold a job!

And he won't steal your girlfriend!

Poet is a random poetry generator based upon Microsoft Agent.

Poet writes his poetry based upon a basic grammar and a series of vocabulary files. He first generates a title, then generates the poem line by line.

The vocabulary files (nouns.dat, verbs.dat, adj.dat, adverbs.dat, articles.dat, prep.dat, and pronoun.dat) are actually text files you can edit, allowing you to customize your poet with your own favorite words.

Before you download Poet, you must first download the Microsoft Agent core components file, Genie Agent character file, and the Lemout & Hauspie text-to-speech engine file. Click on the links below in order to download and install the files.

Microsoft Agent Download Page

Microsoft Agent Additional Components Download Page

Click on the Download Link below. Running the downloaded EXE file will automatically unzip the "POET.EXE", and the Vocabulary DAT files into a C:\POET directory. You'll need to create your own shortcut though.

Download Poet Now!


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