(The Home of Various Experiments in Digital Artistic Media)

My name is J.D. Haight.

When not managing an educational LAN, authoring CD-ROMs, or teaching electronic music courses years ago, I found the time to write experimental programs involving Computer Generation of Music, Graphics, and Written Word.

I use this page to distribute these efforts as freeware, so download to your heart's content.

Here are the products so far:

HAMLET is an aleatoric (chance) composer/artist existing in the guise of a screensaver.

Go to the Hamlet Homepage

MIDI MOUSE is a mouse-based MIDI Controller reminiscent of Laurie Speigel's MusicMouse for the Apple Macintosh.

Go to the MIDI Mouse Homepage

POET is a random poetry generator based upon Microsoft Agent .

Go to the Poet Homepage

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J.D. Haight